Results of my Diploma Thesis Published in ACS Nano

In April 2013 I finished my Diploma thesis at TU Munich in the group of Prof. Alexander Holleitner . The results were published in September 2015 in ACS Nano:
Photocurrents in a Single InAs Nanowire/Silicon Heterojunction

Andreas Brenneis, Jan Overbeck, Julian Treu, Simon Hertenberger, Stefanie Morkötter, Markus Döblinger, Jonathan J. Finley, Gerhard Abstreiter, Gregor Koblmüller, and Alexander W. Holleitner ACS Nano 2015 9 (10), 9849-9858, doi: 10.1021/acsnano.5b03017

The topic is the investigation of electrical currents in a semiconductor under illumination – similar to a solar cell. This particular semiconductor is a single nanowird made of the III-V semiconductor indium arsenide. Notably, this could be vertically integrated on commercially available silicon substrates. The direct band gap of indium arsenide makes this material a promising candidate for future optoelectronic circuits.