Research articles:

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Contributions to conferences (selection):

  • upcoming: MRS 4/2020, Phoenix, Arizona – cancelled.
  • HeteroNanoCarb 12/2019, Benasque, Spain.
    Talk: Characterization of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons by Raman Spectroscopy
  • APS March Meeting 3/2019, Boston, Massachusetts. Talk: Characterization of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons by Raman Spectroscopy
  • ICMAT 2017, MRS Singapore, 6/2017, Singapore.
    Poster: Raman Signatures of Uniaxial Strain in Suspended Graphene
  • ELECMOL 2016, 8/2016, Paris, France.
    Poster: Investigation of Electron Transport in Molecular and Optoelectronic Nanojunctions

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